Sports Strategy: A guide for the future

The plan is being devised by students Eileen Gallagher, Steven Garrett, Martin Walters and James Colley with support from UEA support staff, and they are aiming to devise an official document that will be put in place to guide sport at UEA, something that is commonplace among other universities across the country, but currently lacking here. A draft of the strategy will be put to the Student Experience Committee in the form of a presentation on May 9.

The main objectives of the scheme are to improve sporting participation, while catering for all levels of performers at the same time. Not only that, but it is thought that better communication between the University, the Union of UEA Students and the Sportspark will be achieved, paving the way for a more efficient way of allocating facilities.

Union Finance officer Rob Bloomer told Concrete: “The initiative will be incredibly positive, and considering it is being led by students, it is likely to be extremely successful.”

He also added: “A partnership with the University is certainly necessary, and it will benefit everyone at UEA.”

With 2012 proving to be a massive year in sport with the upcoming Olympic games taking place, it is thought that a formal set of guidelines are a vital component of the University’s blueprint for the future.

With UEA planning on a 20% increase in student numbers in the next few years, along with the rise in tuition fees, it is imperative that student facilities and current levels of sporting performance are not only maintained, but improved as much as possible.

The strategy is still only in its planning phase, and students are being targeted to take part in a survey in order to gauge the consensus across the university.

Photo: Greg Mann.

You can also find a copy of the current strategy by following this link.


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