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Sports Team is a six-piece indie rock band from Cambridge, brings its swathe of indie revival to Norwich. To see them in concert is perhaps best summarised by the words of the vocalist himself, stating ‘you’re young, you’re engaged, I just play stuff and you mosh to it.’ Each song carries a tongue-in-cheek tone, always self-aware but never failing to be enjoyable.

Their set opens with ‘Let Me Entertain You,’ filling the Norwich Arts Centre, before the band entered the stage and proceeded to do so.

The lead singer, always aware of the tone of the room, switches between boisterous and reserved, softer and booming, to ensure not a moment is lost on his audience. No moment is never allowed to rest, each being filled either a brief conversation with the crowd, or him swinging from half-way up the stage rigging.

Threading these moments together was the keyboardist, permanently deadpan, never breaking out of character, reservedly wandering the stage as the remaining five test the speakers with singles from their upcoming album, as well as fan favourites. This grounded the performance and acted as a foil to the lead singer, juxtaposing the throwing of microphone stands with the prim and proper.

It is unsurprising that the band have become most well known for their frenetic stage presence. Not a person in the crowd failed to be captured by the music, and by the final song, the crowd had become a mosh pit of its own. Each song felt like a relief, where the crowd could enjoy a respite in songs that mean only themselves, especially within the current political climate.

This is all without mentioning the phenomenal Alfie Templeman, who opened for the band. My personal standouts were the viral hits Stop Thinking (About Me) and Yellow Flowers, both capturing the audience and setting the mood perfectly for the main set.

Overall, the atmosphere in the room throughout the night felt like one of freedom, of a revival of classic indie music that fuses both stage presence and songs that sound immediately classic. These are two bands that not only ask to be watched but demand it.

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January 2022
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