Spotlight on UEA Pride

How many members of the LGBT Society are there currently?

There are around 70 signed up members, with more on our mailing list. Like most societies we have a fluctuating amount of people who turn up, but on our most recent social there were a lot of new faces, which is obviously something positive.

When and how often are your meetings? 

Normally we meet up every week, alternating between Mondays and Wednesdays to fit around people’s timetables. At the moment we’re having more spaced out socials. It’s dissertation term after all!

Is the society or any of its members involved in any local, national or international campaigns on raising awareness of the LGBT community? Are there any events for the LGBT around Valentine’s Day?

Our society is not allowed to campaign because we’re peer support, but every year we send 3-5 delegates to the NUS LGBT national conference, which can be a rewarding and interesting weekend. As far as I know there are no LGBT centric events around Valentine’s Day …

We are making an “It Gets Better” type video during the course of February, which I hope to have compiled/finished editing early in March. If anyone wants to get involved with that they can email union.lgbt@uea.ac.uk.

UEAPride is having a “Liberate!” event at the end of LGBT history month on Sunday 26 February. It starts at 8pm in the Hive for “LGBT students & friends” and it’s also free entry.

For more information, visit UEA Pride’s website.


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