The square vs the lake

Sophie Bunce on the Square’s charm

The Square’s superiority can be condensed to three words: Near. The. Bar. I don’t know about the fools who love the lake but trekking to get a Snakebite in the (mild) heat of the Norwich summer is not my idea of fun. I could walk into the bar from the square with my eyes closed, even down the concrete steps. It’s not luxury and you can’t swim in it, but what the Square has is all your mates.

From reading a book in the sun to downing a pint before the LCR, the square is the perfect spot. It is also the chosen setting of UEA top moments. It’s where we announce the winners of Derby Day, when we mingle before beginning Pimp My Barrow. It’s where I’ve made snow angels, drank before midday, and found out I’d be Deputy Editor of Concrete. If you want to get a pint or win an event, the Square is your go to. Don’t talk to me about the lake – I’ve only been round once.

Laura Sandoval argues for the love of the lake

I came to UEA because it had a lake. Not one open day. Not one applicant day. Purely and solely because it had a lake, so damn right I’ll be spending my time there this summer. If summer could be reflected in one scene, it would definitely be you and your mates, sat by a BBQ with a few awfully fruity ciders, watching your friend who’s just started smoking try to light their rollie while a topless computer science guy goes mental a couple metres away. That’s what the lake provides. Pure prospectus stuff.

The square, however, is exactly that, the most boring of the shapes: four sides, plain, not much going on because it’s just too civilised. No big games of football, no real comfy places to lie in the sun and people running past you to their lectures to make you feel bad for not going. Grim. So there it is. The lake. Be there or be square.


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