Sssnakebite: Shikari at the LCR

I remember the first time I saw Enter Shikari like it was yesterday. It was the first time I ever felt like I could actually be injured at a gig and I loved it, coming out dripping with sweat, bruised by a thousand person strong mosh pit and having only fallen on my face three times (not bad for a newbie). Shikari were the origin point for me putting myself into harm’s way in the name of a good time, something which has only led to one broken rib and a few dozen bruises.

Seeing a band you remember so fondly again is nerve-wracking. Will Anaesthetist be as downright brutal as it was the first time? Will the three claps to Sorry You’re Not a Winner live up to your Sixth Form memories?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Whilst the LCR is certainly resembles a warzone for much of the set, the band’s setup and show is stripped back significantly. Rather than a lighting rig which requires the band to rent a small power station for the evening (a la The 1975), the accompanying setup has somewhat shrunk since The Mindsweep tour (admittedly, to match smaller venues). The energy of the show is less of a rave and more a classic punk show. Rarities such as Gap in the Fence are brought out to march along the hits (Zzzonked receiving a hero’s welcome ten years after the video was recorded in this very room). The band feel less like the godly presence they previously had, but not in a negative way, trading intimacy for grandeur.

Shikari remain a fantastic live act, comfortably trading the arenas of previous tours for smaller venues of this ‘intimate’ run. And yes, my inner 16-year-old did come out to clap three times to Sorry You’re Not a Winner.

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