Why the world needs Star Trek

You may be wondering why we have dedicated an entire double page spread to Star Trek. To this, I have but one answer. Why the heck not? One of the most iconic programmes in television’s brief but colourful history, a low-budget phenomenon that was only kept on air by the letter-writing campaign of its fans. With hundreds of episodes, a whole series of films (which are still being remade to this day) and countless conventions and comics, memorabilia and merchandise, you can’t deny that the franchise is prolific. It’s so much more than the nerdy sci-fi series that your strange, dweeby cousin is into. Star Trek introduced the very first interracial kiss to our screens and had a multi-racial cast that were given parts free from horrific racial stereotypes. Latino badass Khan, Nichelle Nichols’ wondrous presence, which became the proud source of inspiration for Whoopi Goldberg and the first female African-American astronaut in space. Don’t forget Sulu played by the lovely George Takei and the introduction of Chekov at the height of the cold war. It also inspired the creation of our beloved mobile phones and tablets, influencing the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

But I digress. The real reason I’ll give for these pages is that we need a little bit of optimism this year. We’ve had a whole host of important deaths, as well as Brexit, the attacks in France, Germany, Turkey and too many other countless atrocities to mention. So why not reflect on a utopian society, where everyone is totally equal, regardless of race or species. In a time where Donald Trump peddles a message of mistrust and defensiveness, why can’t we be inspired by Star Trek’s message of harmony, trust and inclusiveness? So join your dweeby cousin, raise your glasses of Romulan Ale with a hearty Qapla’, and live long and prosper my dudes.


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July 2021
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