Everyone’s starry-eyed – tutorial

Freezing weather like this is the perfect time to try out the make-up you haven’t had time to. This starry-eyed look is inspired by the twinkling winter night sky. Take it step-by-step and you’ll have a shine in your eyes in no time.

Starry eyes - close

You will need

  • Concealer and powder
  • Primer or hairspray
  • An eyelash curler (optional)
  • Makeup brushes – it’s hard to be accurate with your fingers!
  • Matt blue eye shadow, copper and royal blues look amazing
  • Black or dark grey eye shadow
  • Silver glitter eyeliner (I use Urban Decay’s ‘Heavy Metal’ liner)
  • Black eye liners: liquid or gel, and pencil
  • Light silver/ pearly white eye shadow
  • Mascara
  • Lashes and glue (optional)

Before you start

You want a clean and moisturised face before you start with no skin make up. This is because we’re working with dark colours and if the powder flakes off onto your lovely canvassed skin it’s a pain to clear off. You may, however, apply concealer around the eyes as a basis to work from. Remember to lightly seal it with skin-coloured powder so it remains for longer.

Step one

Starry eyes 1

Apply primer on the lids and allow to dry. If you do not have primer, you can spray some hairspray (from a significant distance and whilst holding your breath!) onto your face. It sounds a bit crazy but it works well in keeping make up on, especially if you’re in a sweaty club.

Curl the lashes. This step is not so important if you’re braving false lashes but for those who are blessed with gorgeous lashes already and prefer their own, curling works wonders.

Apply the blue shadow over and under the lid, keeping the brow bone and inner corner area bare. Blend well.

Step two

Starry eyes 2

Normally, I avoid using black for smoky eyes because it can look a bit much however it works for this look. You want to apply the black shadow on the top lid. Start from the base of the upper lash line and blend upwards over the blue, but leave a slight blue outline.

Step three

Starry eyes 3

Apply the light silver or white eye shadow in the inner corners of the eye and the brow bone. Line your top waterline with black pencil eye liner and your lower waterline halfway with the same liner. Line your lashes with liquid or gel liner, and I recommend a wing, it looks great with this look.

Step four

Starry eyes 4

Dot the glitter eye liner on the upper lids, like stars in the dark, winter night sky! Then add mascara to your lashes. Tip: to avoid getting mascara on your lids, position your mirror below (under your nose basically), keep your head upright and look down into the mirror.

Step five

To finish, add the lashes.

Starry eyes 5


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