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Come the day, and the day will come, when fresher’s flu or the week long hangover leaves you and your flatmates sprawled across the floor, there is no better way to seal the bonding with your flatmates than to watch a film together.

For the juggernauts still eager to run themselves into the ground, bring any alcoholic beverage. For the more faint-hearted, perhaps a hot chocolate. Throughout the year you will be able to glance your way across Norfolk or Suffolk Terrace and see flatmates engrossed on a single laptop, stuck to a sticky and Vodka drenched kitchen table.

This is what it’s all about, a quick and enjoyable way to get to know everyone’s tastes and sense of humour. A couple of the American Pie series back-to-back is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser – and if freshers lives up to expectations, may provide you with some relatable moments.

Clichéd, but knowingly so, Superbad or The Hangover will be perfect viewing after freshers also. If you fancy upping the stakes then the horror genre will certainly see the first divides within your flat. Some will refuse; others will display gleeful excitement (measure this excitement carefully; you could have a psychopath within your walls).

For those Lord of the Rings fanatics (there’s always more than you think), a marathon day ploughing through the trilogy, whilst playing one of the many drinking games associated, could provide a messy day of fantastical entertainment before the evenings events.

Winter comes thick and fast, and before you know it, you’ll be cracking out festive hits like Elf and Bad Santa for Christmas viewing, when the LCR seems too long a walk on a Tuesday night.

During the summer, there are an abundance of charming spots on campus where you can sit and watch a movie. Go down to the lake and take in something classy. A word of warning, avoid Johnny English Reborn, tediously unfunny to the point that it literally sent a “certain flat” to sleep within the hour.


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