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Statement regarding alleged spiking at The Waterfront reveals previous false spiking claims and attempted drug deals

The Waterfront have released a follow-up statement regarding an alleged spiking at their venue in February. The statement details an ongoing investigation by Norfolk Constabulary, including CCTV footage, and statements from independent witnesses and Waterfront staff members. 

The statement alleges that the two women involved were barred from the Glass House for buying drinks for minors mere minutes before they arrived at Waterfront, asked to buy cocaine from staff and customers, and one woman had said she was spiked at this venue a few weeks prior, but walked away when an ambulance determined she had not. 

The below information has been taken from a press release published on the website on 18th March.

Starting at 22:15, outside Wetherspoons Venue the Glass House, an independent witness saw a woman (Woman 1) in a state of distress. Woman 1 stated she needed help as she had been banned for life from the Glass House for buying drinks for minors and Security would not let her back in to use the toilets. Woman 1’s friend (Woman 2) said they were waiting for a taxi to the Waterfront, which arrived at 22:30.

Prior the video footage outside Waterfront, between 22:40 and 23:55, witnesses report both Woman 1 and Woman 2 approached a member of the bar team and a group of customers in the bar to ask to buy cocaine. This resulted in an argument with one of the customers about the merit of recreational drug taking.

At 23:55 in the smoking area, the two women approached three members of the Security team, claiming Woman 2’s drink had been spiked by the customer who had previously cautioned them. A Security team member approached said customer, but they explained what had happened in the bar area earlier. 

The Security team made an assessment that they were falsely reporting this customer and the two women become increasingly loud, aggressive, and abusive towards them. Woman 1 then fell to the floor and Woman 2 explained this was due to a pre-existing medical condition and she fainted because Security were causing her stress. A first aid trained Security member assessed the situation, but could not put Woman 1 into the recovery position as she was unconscious. 

Another customer then became involved, demanding that the Security team call an ambulance. Woman 2 then accused this second customer of spiking Woman 1’s drink. Continuing to receive verbal abuse from both women, the Security team carried Woman 1 out through the gate away from the other customers. She was placed on the ground and the Security team called their supervisor. According to Security staff, at this point they heard Woman 2 say to Woman 1: “calm down, you’re making it too obvious”. The supervisor and a female Security team member both attended and offered help but were again met with verbal abuse.

This is where filming of the video started, and The Waterfront have said they “are satisfied the situation was handled appropriately”. They stated that Security staff put their hands in their pockets and stood back in a “deliberately passive, non-threatening gesture” and that standard procedure is for Security staff not to give their name if being recorded. According to The Waterfront, their staff did call an ambulance at 00:15 and the two women were constantly observed.

After the video finished, the two women proceeded to run at a gate, kicking it, while verbally abusing Security staff. The second customer continued to interfere with staff and was removed from the venue at 00:08. 

Witnesses and CCTV confirm that the two women approached a side fire exit and started banging on the door. After this point, they physically assaulted Customer 2 and Security staff members tried to restrain them both. Woman 1 threw a punch at a Security team member, but fell backwards onto the floor as the Security Supervisor had pushed her away in self-defence. The Security team had called the police, but this was cancelled when the two women left the site.

An independent witness reports that they saw an altercation on King Street and intervened. It transpired that Woman 1 and Woman 2 were again attacking Customer 2. One of the witness’ friends was assaulted by Woman 1. Both women left the scene by taxi.

The Waterfront maintain that no-one was spiked at their venue due to the behaviours displayed at the Glass House prior to entry, the inconsistency of symptoms with those who have been spiked, inconsistencies in the two women’s narratives regarding who had been spiked, the “calm down you’re making it too obvious” comment, and inconsistencies in their behaviours in short timespans. 

They also noted that an ambulance attended the Waterfront a few weeks prior for Woman 1 as she alleged she had been spiked. The paramedics determined that she had not been spiked and, when challenged, Woman 1 got up and walked away.

The Waterfront stated: “We are deeply concerned at the social media response to the 36 seconds of footage. People can be very quick to judge, our staff have received death threats. We have also been concerned about sharing the details of our investigation due to the potential impact on the two women in the video. We ask that people on social media exercise restraint and we hope they do not experience the sort of negative attention that our staff have received.”

Concrete previously had contact with Woman 1, who spoke to us regarding the initial incident. We have reached out for comment but, as yet, have not received a response. 

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