Stranger Things: Excitement for new teaser trailer

A new teaser trailer of the hugely popular sci-fi drama that left so many asking for more, has already caused much excitement. Opening with a 1980’s advert for Eggos, the trailer is clever in rooting itself in this sense of 1980’s nostalgia that was so essential to the popularity of the first series. It may also remind viewers of the way in which series one ended – with Chief Hopper, placing a packet of Eggos in a box, seemingly for Eleven. Indeed, although Eleven disappears during the last episode, the trailer most definitely confirms she is still at large, particularly due to the close up of her bleeding nose, a striking image that viewers will recognise as an after-effect of the use of her superhuman powers.

Yet, the trailer does not only focus on Eleven, but also the other significant children of the first series – Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will. The former three (plus one other who, due to the angle of the shot, remains hidden) appear in GhostBusters costumes in the trailer, as they stand outside the school. This scene evokes a number of questions, not only because one character is left a mystery, (is this Will? Eleven? A new character?), but also due to the surrounding school children who are in every day clothing, making it unlikely that it is a Halloween dress up competition. Yet, what alternative reasons could there be for the use of them?

The trailer comes to a climactic end in the form of Will and his experience of the ‘Upside Down’. As expected due to the last episode of the last series in which Will, for a brief moment, experiences the ‘Upside Down’ once again when washing his hands, the trailer emphasises that Will is yet to escape it. A close up of one of his drawings of a huge creature with dark long legs, is followed by an exact replica that flickers in the dark sky. Perhaps Will’s drawings will predict what is to happen in series two, giving us more insight in the ‘Upside Down’. Let us hope the first episode, which hits our screens on October the 31st,   lives up to the building expectations.


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