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Strikes and student journalism

It’s the last issue of the decade and we’re going out with a bang! 

It’s crazy to think that we are now half way through our term as editors, to be quite honest I’m a little disappointed that it is going by so quickly. Concrete has become the most amazing element of my university experience. I have loved writing, editing, recording our radio show and attending various conferences. 

Last weekend, Chris and I attended the Student Publication Association Regional conference in the Midlands (who knows why our Norwich paper is classed to be the Midlands, but we can let it slide). We met lots of other papers and student journalists as well as listening to many esteemed professionals talk about their journalism careers, how they started and where they plan on going. Hearing about all of the different paths student journalists go down gives me so much hope for the future, writing articles and having them published is something I never want to give up, but I was worried I would have to abandon it for a different career path. Now I don’t have to. 

I’m excited to see where my fellow student journalists go, whether they go down the journalism path or fall into a different route. 

Reading through each issue gives me such a sense of achievement, holding something physical in your hands, knowing you created it, is so incredible. I’ll be sitting down with my cup of coffee for a big read through as soon as it is distributed around campus and I can lay my hands on a copy. Now there is no excuse for not reading Concrete – due to the strikes we all have a bit more time on our hands. Try to use this time wisely, catch up on your reading or complete our sudoku in Venue – whatever tickles your pickle. Speaking of Venue, check out Jo Castle’s artwork on the front cover! Go on and have a gander.

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June 2022
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