Why you should work part-time

As the first-term begins to set in and the student loans begin to dwindle, many students will consider the boost a part-time job can have to their finances. An hour’s pay pouring pints can suddenly pay for that obligatory post-Mantra take-away. Yet the benefits a part-time job can boast to your CV, social life and interpersonal skills are often over-looked. So, without further adieu here are the top three reasons to consider applying for a part-time job whilst at University.

part time work

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Time management

Part-time work helps develop a routine. Many students will end their search for a job in the Customer Service industry. Here, actually leaving your room, and/or bed, is generally a prerequisite. Unfortunately, late nights at the LCR and 3pm lecture starts can let you easily fall in to the hermit-life. Whilst at University this is the norm, a real culture shock will occur in the re-discovery of “nine am”. Here, a part-time job can help ease a potentially thorny transition and help to develop that all important routine.

CV experience

For the CV conscious, a part-time job can show that you have that all important ‘real life experience’ and have not solely spent your time hibernating in the Library. While a good grade will get you some of the way, the life-experience gained from a part-time job will help you get there quicker. A part-time job can teach you how to communicate to a diverse range of people, known collectively as ‘The General Public’, and learn how to approach and deal with unknown situations. Whilst ‘The General Public’s’ intimidating power to complain is one that strikes fear into the hearts of many a bewildered customer service employee, letting it defeat you should not be the case. The ability to deal effectively and efficiently with complaints from grumbling customers proves your capability at logically solving real-life problems. Not to mention, the ability to juggle part-time work and studying proves you have efficient time-management skills.

Social skills

Socially, a part-time job opens new doors. With the opportunity to mingle with people outside of the ‘UEA Bubble’, new friends are made and new pub-hideouts can be found. If you are living and studying on campus, a part-time job in the city really can get you out and about and interacting with a more diverse group of people. New work colleagues may hold the power to break the spell of the tedious “Uni Small talk” of “what house, what course, where from”. Such people hold the potential to get you back in touch with the world that exists outside of University.

Whilst securing those all important grades are important, it is a good idea to think of the broader skills and experiences you can gain through part-time work. Simply going through the application process of filling out forms and enduring interviews can prove to be important experiences that will help build confidence and interview suave. This will make it all the more likely of securing that dream-job in the future, as well as making you happier and more secure for the time being.


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jodiesnow Jodie is a second year English Literature student who appears to be the only section editor without a strong liking for tea. When she is literally not drinking tea, you will find Jodie making the most of her season pass to the LCR and trying her luck at writing editorial bios.

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