The Student Loans Company (SLC) has made the decision to sack Chief Executive Steve Lamey following his suspension last July.

The suspension came after intervention from the Department for Education following calls for an investigation into both his conduct as a leader and practices within the company.

The SLC initially stated at the time of the investigation that it was a “neutral act” that “did not imply wrongdoing,” however, it’s findings now somewhat contradict this belief, with claims of “misconduct” on his behalf.

Lamey, 61, will be the third CEO to have abandoned the £200,000 a year position amid controversy since 2010. He had been in the role for a year prior to the sacking, the shortest tenure of all of SLC’s Chief Executives in this period.

Pete Lauener, the current Chief Executive of the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Institute for Apprenticeship, will now act as  the SLC’s interim Chief Executive from the end of this month.

A new person is due to be appointed to the role at the beginning of the new year.