Student voice: Becki Edwards from Women’s Rugby

Concrete: Tampa Bays Rays have confirmed that David DeJesus has signed a new two-year deal at the baseball club worth $10.5 million. What are your thoughts on the type of money on offer in high profile sports?

Becki: I understand that some individuals nowadays have negative views on the amount that is on offer in high profile sports. Personally I don’t have a problem with it, as such. Ultimately, the desire to be the best will have clubs spending extortionate amounts and this is unlikely to change in the near future, if ever.

Concrete: Hibernian striker Rowan Vine is set to face disciplinary action over comments made towards Celtic manager Neil Lennon via Twitter. Should athletes who represent a club have their tweets read by someone at the club before they can be posted?

Becki: Definitely not. Twitter and other forms of social networking were created so individuals could voice their own opinions. It’s up to those individuals to think carefully about what they’re tweeting/posting. It’s not for their clubs to monitor every tweet they make; they should have the intelligence and discretion to do that themselves.

Concrete: Bernie Ecclestone remains on trial for allegedly making corrupt payments over the sale of Formula 1. Would you lose faith in the sport you were most passionate about if these sort of allegations proved to be true?

Becki: I wouldn’t lose faith in the sport, more so in the individual or a particular club of which claims were made. Just because one individual has tainted their reputation, does not mean that a whole sport should be looked upon in a worse light. Those who follow Formula 1 aren’t going to stop because of these allegations.

Concrete: Prior to his suspension, Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito reportedly held team meetings in a strip club and would mock team mates for not turning up. What are your thoughts on this type of machismo within clubs?

Becki: With any group of men there’s always going to be a ‘macho attitude’ on some level. It may even be said that it also exists in groups of females. With any group, not just sports clubs, there may be a struggle to be ‘top dog’ or just to fit in. Although there are positives to having this type of attitude, some individuals can take things too far. Any situation where a player is ‘mocking team mates’ or belittling them to an extent which makes them feel uncomfortable should not be tolerated in clubs at any level.

Concrete: Jockey AP McCoy recently claimed his 4,000th win when Mountain Tunes came first at Towcester on the 7 November. Would you deem a horse racing legend like McCoy a legend in sport in general?

Becki: Any sportsperson who’s been that successful should be deemed a legend, and probably is by supporters of that particular sport. In my opinion, I don’t think that different sports, the achievements or the two genders within them, can be compared. However, I do believe that those sportsmen and women who are competing at high levels within their chosen sport, and successfully doing so, should all be given the same recognition.


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