Students run 10,200km in their gardens to raise money for the NHS

At 8pm on the 30th of April, members of the Cambridge University Air Squadron (CUAS) joined their fellow squadrons around the country in embarking on a 10,200km continuous relay in their gardens.

This distance is equivalent to that between the RAF’s most northerly base, RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, and most easterly base, RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. Their goal was to raise £5000 for NHS Charities Together, and the target was met at midday on the 1st of May. The sum total now stands at £6500 with barely 10% of the overall distance completed.

As the relay is continuous, a member from each squadron will be running at all times until the distance is complete – this time includes through the night and early morning. One such late runner, a second year Economics student from UEA named Oliver Rees, had his first half an hour of running at midnight of the event’s start.

“It was a weird feeling, running so late,” Rees said, “but it wasn’t too bad.”

Rees has been a part of CUAS since the start of his second year at UEA, meeting once a week to participate in adventure training and various other RAF related activities. As well as his training as part of CUAS, he has experience with cross-country running.

He will be running again on the 2nd of May for another thirty minutes, with all likelihood of another run a few days later. Although the original target has been completely eclipsed, a new goal of £10,000 has been set, with expectation being that this will also be broken in the next few days.

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