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Students to receive exam feedback

The University has announced that students will now receive feedback on their exam scripts from this summer.

The news will be welcomed by the Union who have campaigned on the issue for several years, with approximately 86% of students expressing that they would find exam feedback useful in response to a 2010 survey.

The new legislation from the University will oblige all schools to provide generic feedback to students as a bare minimum, though the project may remain somewhat experimental in its early stages. Concrete has learned that Nigel Norris, the Academic Pro – Vice Chancellor, is keen to see different Schools trial varying methods of delivering feedback throughout the year.

Speaking to concrete, Josh Bowker, the union’s academic officer told us: “This is a huge win for the Union, we are incredibly pleased with this result and it has taken a long time to convince the University, through several generations of officers relentlessly lobbying the University, to implement this change.”

Despite this success, some students may see the new agreement as an inadequate compromise. The 2010 Union survey also revealed that an overwhelming 80% of students would prefer the return of their script with individual feedback, whilst only 32% would consider more “generic” feedback helpful. This was acknowledged by Bowker, who explained “[the Union] hopes that generic feedback is just the beginning and that in the future the University seek to adopt a more individualised approach.”


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