Successful government Covid-19 responses stand out against a crowd of tragedy

Worldwide government responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have been starkly varied. Where some populations suffer in overcrowded hospitals desperately in need of a ventilator which is simply not there, others visit sporting events and enjoy live music. The world has become far more closed than it has ever been, with foreign aid simply highlighting a risk of bringing such woe back across home borders. 

Governments across the world have taken decisively different approaches – some resulting in success and others heavy failure. Jacinda Ardern and the New Zealand Labour party chose radical, strict action as soon as the pandemic became out of hand in March 2020. Borders were closed and lockdown enforced, meaning that in May of the same year cases were low enough for the county to reopen. New Zealand has recorded a total of 26 Covid-19 related deaths. Their government is a shining example of success in how the pandemic should have been dealt with.

On the other hand, many countries’ governments failed. These failings have resulted in tragic outcomes. 

As many are already aware, the UK government did not handle the pandemic in an effective manner. The first lockdown was enforced far too late, borders were not closed, and money was wasted on useless PPE and an ineffective Track and Trace system – a system built by a friend of the government (a now very rich friend of the government). 

The UK government has displayed unprecedented selfishness completely under the nose of the general population. Accountability needs to be held for those who have been left without a livelihood because of government failings. Where they failed in terms of selfishness, the US government simply ignored the pandemic. Trump’s presidency covered most of the first year of the pandemic, during which no national lockdowns were introduced, neither were mandatory face coverings, and the recommendation to inject bleach into your system seemed to be the advice from on high. 

The successful governments stand out amongst a crowd of tragedy, but there are a few countries which display losses beyond belief. Death tolls outside of recognition and conditions so inhumane that to bear witness is enough to be shocked to the core. One such failure can be seen in India, their government’s current handling of the virus leaving the population on the brink of irreparable damage. Having recorded 349,691 new cases on the 24th April alone, the country has fallen into catastrophe. Earlier in the pandemic, the lax nature of the Indian government and health officials led many to believe India had bested the virus. Prime-Minister Narendra Modi recently held a political rally in West-Bengal, the lack of face coverings highly noticeable despite record-breaking new case numbers. 

India’s government has continued a campaign trail which many believe should have been curtailed long ago, the crowds gathering at these rallies are often unsafe and certainly do not help the rising case and death numbers. Hospitals in India are packed and equipment massively lacking. Makeshift hospital beds are being built in train carriages. 

The government is being blamed and rightly so. Their ignorance has resulted in a massive death toll which is only getting larger. India’s way out of this unprecedented tragedy is unforeseeable. How the situation can become any worse does not fathom thought even though, soon, this very well could become a reality. 

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