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Summative stress-busters

Unfortunately, it’s that all-too-familiar time of year again. Whether you’re returning to university or settling in as a fresher, the first few weeks of term have flown by and the work load is piling up. Things are starting to get stressful, so here is my guide to the ultimate stress-busting songs, essential for those wind-down moments.

How to Fly

‘How To Fly’ is possibly my favourite track from this list. Sticky Fingers’ hypnotising use of riffs creates a calming reggae and psychedelic vibe, a perfect remedy for any storm of a day. This tune was my go-to A – Level revision anthem; perfectly calming yet also encouraging. ‘How To Fly’ is ideal for putting your headphones on and tuning out.


Babeheaven deliver a perfectly peaceful tune in the form of ‘Moving On’. The soft lead vocals from Nancy Anderson, which I would describe as ‘contemporary soul’, blends seamlessly with the trip-hop yet gloomy synths, providing a certain darkness to the song. As  it progresses, the melody lifts and the tempo increases, lifting your mood instantly. Is there a better way to overcome a manic day but to ‘move on’ eh?

Re: Stacks

Back in 2008 when Bon Iver released their debut album For Emma, Forever Ago we all fell in love with ‘Skinny Love’ (famously covered by Birdy.) Today, the album stands as a staple for indie folk music. The final track ‘re: stacks’  encapsulates total relaxation, with Vernon’s chillingly calm vocals and stripped back acoustics, creating the perfect de-stressing experience. It is difficult not to un-wind to this track.


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