Summer 2022: The Gaming Update

Summer 2022 has already been an intense moment for the gaming community, and it’s still early days. 

In June, beloved YouTuber Technoblade, who was known throughout the Minecraft fandom, passed away from cancer. This news shocked his fanbase, and many rallied support to his friends and family. His death was announced on his YouTube channel where his father read a statement announcing his death, reading out Technoblade’s last message to his fans. The tribute video has become the most viewed video on his channel, currently surpassing 50 million views.

In other gaming news, there are a ton of upcoming releases to get excited about. 

A reboot of Saints Row is set to land on console and PC in August this year. New characters are being introduced and in the Saints origin story you now get to decide the type of boss you’ll be. 

Sims 4 High School Years is due out at the end of July. In this expansion, you can return to High School and choose a new path for yourself and your character. You can have fun with pranks, prom and experimenting with style in this fun new update, available on all platforms.

Finally, a new interactive drama is set to release in July, on console and PC. In As Dusk Falls, you will follow two families over a thirty year period, spanning back to where it all went wrong in 1998. You’ll be in control of their lives in this new, intense game. 

Controversially, Riot Games have released two new champions this summer for League of Legends, both with complaints of them being overpowered.

Bel’Veth scales incredibly well, leaving potentially little to no counter play to her. Building armor against her is left redundant by her large amount of true damage, and her resetting is honestly just annoying.

Nilah is still in testing and there are already masses of complaints. Her kit is most definitely overloaded leaving her too overpowered. By herself she is a very strong champion but this upsets the balance of the game. A large factor into this is her proposed passive ability which gives her bonus XP, similar to the pre-reworked Mordekaiser which was changed after complaints.

Check back in our next edition of Concrete for more news in the gaming world.

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