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As the summer is well underway and people are scattered across the country (or the globe if you’re abroad), it can be difficult for everyone’s schedules to align and get to see each other in person. That said, there are still plenty of ways to catch up and relax with each other online and what better way to do so than to play a few games together? With the power of Discord or even a group call on WhatsApp, there are a number of fun and engaging games you can play while communicating with each other from wherever you may be. 

Uno Online

The official Uno app can be downloaded on the Play Store or Apple store, allowing you and your friends to play together that way. There are also online versions that can easily be found with a quick google search. It’s a much-loved game and there’s the bonus of playing by the “official” rules that no one can ever seem to agree upon when playing in person. 

Among Us 

Among Us exploded with popularity during the summer of 2020, and it’s only getting better with every update. If you haven’t gotten round to betraying your friends lately, there are a bunch of new updates that make the game even more interesting. 

The new roles included in the game are:

The Scientist – this player has the ability to see everyone’s vitals at any point during the game. 

The Guardian Angel – if you die first, you have the power to protect any other player from being killed. 

The Engineer – this player has the ability to use vents (use this wisely, however, or risk being wrongly accused).

Shapeshifter – the Imposter with this ability can change into any player they choose.

Imagine Pictionary, but online. You choose a word and draw it out for your friends to guess by typing their answer as quickly as possible (and yes, unfortunately, you have to get the correct spelling). The game can easily be personalised as well. Players can write out a list of their own words or scenarios to be drawn out, which makes this game perfect for laughing about in-jokes and the memories you’ve all made. 

Gartic Phone 

Now take Pictionary and add Chinese whispers, the result is this game. Gartic Phone is best enjoyed in large groups. Everyone writes a sentence and then gets creative and draws out the sentence of another player, this image is then passed on and the next player describes that drawing and the process continues until the game devolves to madness. If you find yourself wanting to change things up, there are 13 different modes, so you’ll always have a fun twist on this game. 

Nintendo Switch Sports 

And finally, if you have a chance to get together with friends or family in person, the ultimate sporting game of our childhood is officially in Switch form for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s tennis, bowling or my personal favourite Chambara, there are plenty of games that will keep you entertained and moving around.

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