Spending the summer away from university

The long stretch of summer is almost upon us, but how will you spend yours?

Everybody is different and we all have our ideas about the best way to spend a summer. There are sensible, practical and adventurous students amongst us and some students that like to make sure all bases are covered.


Keeping in mind the tough job market that awaits us all at the end of our degrees, spending the time doing something that enhances your chances of out-foxing other candidates is extremely valuable. The summer is also there to be enjoyed though, so with so much time and so many opportunities available – what will you choose to do?

Work Experience
If you want to steal a march on the competition when you graduate, work experience is invaluable to your CV.
Contact as many companies as you can and get your CV out there. Call AND e-mail and once you’ve secured your placement, commit and show what you’re made of – you never know what opportunities may arise!

Get a summer job
If it’s relevant to your career path – perfect – but we all know it’s not that straight forward. Moving home for the summer is the perfect opportunity to earn some cash. Make the most of the opportunity and enjoy saving for next term!

Cultural Exchanges
Exchanges such as Camp America create incredible experiences to travel, teach, learn new skill sets, meet new people and learn about different cultures.

If the bank balance has been well managed throughout the year then get a group of friends together and see parts of the world you never have. Even if it’s right here in Britain! Remember – stay safe and look after each other.

Working Abroad
Work in another country for the summer – soak up the language and culture while earning some money. If you are TEFL accredited it’s the perfect opportunity to teach English abroad. It’s a CV booster as well as enhancing your social and life skills.

Take the time to catch up with friends you don’t get to see during the course of the university year. Play rounders on the beach, have a BBQ, the summer is your oyster!

Prepare yourself for the next year
Gather your reading list and get organised for the year of work ahead. If you’re moving in to a new house, get your room mates together and sort out what you need to buy…

Make sure you give yourself enough time at the end of the summer to gather yourself for the year ahead.

Most of all, enjoy, and whatever you decide to do, DON’T stay inside for 3 months playing on your games console, eating cold pizza in your PJs – however appealing it might sound now!


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July 2021
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