Summer Style Must-Haves 

I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a single style. I’ll wear anything from bold suits to jeans and a dark shirt, to a yellow flowing skirt. I’m a blank canvas which is great because it means I have tons of options, but it also makes it a little harder to pin down my must-haves or to pack light. 

I feel most ‘me’, most comfortable, in a pair of jeans and a loose ‘dad’ shirt. However, I feel like I look the nicest in a bright summer dress. So, what does this mean for my summer wardrobe? What does this mean when I’m trying to help you lovely readers determine your own summer must haves? Well, it means there are a ton of versatile options. 

  1. A Variety of Vest Tops  

These can either be worn on their own with a pair of shorts as you’re sat sunbathing, or while walking around town in the summer heat. To fit them into my style, I wear them under one of my shirts. I keep the shirt unbuttoned (my favourite being an obnoxiously bright orange floral one), pop a vest top on underneath, and tuck them into my jeans or shorts (for particularly hot days).  

  1. Gym Shorts are Lifesavers  

As someone with thighs, wearing a skirt or a dress can be super irritating, especially when it starts to get hotter, and they begin to rub a bit more. However, gym shorts are a game changer. They add an extra layer without being too hot or too long, saving your thighs from chafing AND adding an extra bonus of modesty. That way, you can sit cross-legged on the grass until your heart’s content. They’re also so comfortable to lounge around the house in when you’ve cracked open every window and it’s still not enough.  

  1. Converse / Plimsoles  

It’s known to many of my friends that I have a bit of a Dr Martin problem – they’re my favourite shoe and I’ll basically live in them during the Autumn and Winter months. Sadly, they’re too hot to wear in the summer, and are very uncomfortable to sit on the grass or the beach in. So, plimsoles, Converse, Vans, or basically any type of ‘skater’ shoe is a must-have. They’re comfortable to walk in, and better yet, they’re easy to take off when you go paddling. What’s more to ask for? 

I, of course, have my favourite specific outfits. For example, I bought a pair of sunflower dungarees this year that I know I’m going to live in. As mentioned, I have an obnoxious orange shirt, and a bright lemon-yellow dress which I’m determined to get out in.  

Summer styles differ for everyone, but you don’t have to worry about drastically changing your wardrobe just because it’s hot outside. You can still wear your favourite clothes, just add in a few summer essentials to alter them for the heat.  

So, put on that sunscreen and those shades, and enjoy the sun this summer! 

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