Summer sun: is your foundation protecting you?

Putting suncream on in the summer is annoying to do, easy to forget and can mess up your makeup routine. But with so many foundations and powders offering SPF coverage these days, isn’t a foundation with SPF a simple solution to caring for your skin and looking good? Well, probably not. Currently no major dermatology organisation in the UK recommends the use of makeup products with SPF for sun protection.

But perhaps they are behind the times, so what do make up products have to offer for sun protection? Many foundations advertise an SPF of 15 and some 30 SPF meaning they offer some protection from UVB rays, the ultraviolet rays in sunlight known to cause sunburn and ageing.

Experts have concluded that it is damage from UVA rays that lead to skin cancers particularly malignant melanomas, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. If the product doesn’t have UVA protection, it isn’t protecting you from melanomas.  Based on the British Association or Dermatologist guidelines the only way to safely use a foundation is to choose one with at least factor 30 SPF and UVA protection, apply it in a thick layer (think NikkiTutorials) over your entire face, neck and ears then reapply every two hours.

Remember, even if you are using standard sunscreen as a base under your foundation you still need to reapply every few hours, a powder with an SPF simply won’t cut it as a top up due to the thin nature of the product. I would recommend using a 30 SPF +UVA sunscreen with tint to get decent sun protection without forsaking a bit of colour and coverage.

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