Sun, sex and suspicious pricing

For groups of males and females looking for a party holiday, Sunny Beach Bulgaria is the perfect destination. Situated on the Black Sea coast, Sunny Beach offers an eight-kilometre stretch of beach which perfectly complements the warm weather, and brings close to 300 days of sun and temperatures above 30 degrees.

Along the beach there are a variety of bars, with many comparable to those in the Caribbean with their cream loungers, idyllic wooden bar areas and endless choice of cocktails creating a serene, even romantic, setting.

In terms of activities there is the usual offerings you would expect such as jet skiing and pedalos, however the extortionate prices may distract some holiday makers.

On the strip you will find every craving for alcohol and lustful encounters catered for. With the price of a pint of local beer averaging 40p and measures of spirit in cocktails thrice exceeding those offered in the UK, those with a thirst for alcohol will have their needs satisfied. The clubs and bars have an air of class to them as they are not yet infected by the archetypal “British holiday goer” unlike Magaluf.

This class is quickly swept away by scantily-clad women and topless men scouring the dance floors for easy sexual thrills, relieving any fear that this is anything less than a holiday of excess. Disappointingly for most, hotels are very tough on outsiders entering the premises so finding your exotic pleasure is the least of your worries. Authorities are another issue as the lack of Anglicisation means that displays of a disreputable nature are met with a firm hand.

Boasting beautiful beaches and a salacious strip, Sunny Beach is a must for those drawn towards the more hedonistic side of life.


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