Sun, sex and Malia

If you’re looking for a fun, relatively cheap clubbing holiday with friends, then Malia is definitely the perfect location. With the clubbing strip only 180 metres away from central hotels and apartments, you have no excuse but to go hard or go home! At around £350 for flights and accommodation for a week, Malia is one of the cheaper options for 18-30s clubbing holidays, and one that needs to be experienced.

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If you go for one such deal, then almost everything is taken care of. You’ll have a brief coach ride to the main apartments, upon arrival, and a dedicated resident advisor always on hand. The journey is easily spiced up with a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and what better way to get the sexual atmosphere going, and find out who likes what. You’ll find accommodation reasonably clean and comfortable, although you won’t be spending much of your time in your room unless you’ve got company!

On the first night out, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the clubbing strip so you know where you’re going when you’re stumbling home at stupid o’clock every night. Whilst it’s always nice to stumble upon the undiscovered, on this kind of holiday you need to hit the hotspots. In Malia you’ve got three main clubs on the strip that you’d be crazy not to check out during your trip: Bar One, Club Safari and Club Reflex. With poles on the tables and free alcohol from the bar staff if you’re brave enough to dance on the counters; Bar One is small but vibrant.

Club Safari is opposite; one of the largest clubs with famous DJs, such as Calvin Harris having played there. The music generally what’s current on the charts and you’ll get all the big holiday groups in here so it is perfect for pairing off members of your group with the opposite sex.

Club Reflex is definitely not to be missed! With 80s music including songs from Grease, alcohol will fuel your dance moves. Here you can get a Sex on the Beach and three shots for just five Euros so it is definitely worth visiting! The sexual talent in Malia is varied and the ratio of men to women is pretty much even so if you do want fun, then you have plenty of choice.

The ‘walk of shame’ the next day does not need to be so shameful when you can see at least ten other people also walking home, but get ready to nurse the hangover from hell. During the day, explore the quaint villages as you soak up the sun. The idyllic scenery and exotic flowers will show you a different side to Malia that is equally captivating, with friendly local residents who will tell you which parts of Malia are worth seeing. Additionally, trips to waterparks can be arranged for a fairly cheap price so make sure you have enough money to get the most out of your holiday. Going abroad with a group of friends is definitely the best way to spend a week of your summer, so bring your cameras along and prepare yourself for a week of sun, sex, and Malia!


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