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Have another bowl of Super Bowl

As most people on this side of the Atlantic grow tired of the pomp and celebrity prom nights that are the award season galas, a shining beacon of consumerism appears. That’s correct, the Super Bowl commercials are here to re-align the nation’s populist compass, and the course is set for the summer.

Super Bowl Photo: Flickr / stephen_d_luke

The Super Bowl is a notorious ad fest, some people tune in just for the adverts, and this year did not disappoint. On average, 110 million people watch the Super Bowl on average in the US. That is almost a third of the nation’s entire population. Nothing in the UK could pull these viewing figures unless maybe England one day reaches the football World Cup final. Therefore, advertising rates are a premium – $3.5m per 30 seconds.

As a first time viewer of the Super Bowl in its host nation one cannot help but be struck by the notion that some of these adverts were made more with budget in mind than creativity. More often than not one gets to the end of a two-minute ad spot and cannot remember what the commercial was supposedly promoting.

Yet, do not fear because the film teasers are here. Super Bowl ad breaks provide a wonderful opportunity for the major studios to show off their CGI-laden behemoths that will be engulfing the multiplexes over the summer months.

Probably the most memorable of the bunch this year was the Fast & Furious 6 teaser, which seemed to build on the ridiculousness of the series’ last entry. Tank racing was hinted at – ‘nuf said.

Marvel and Disney also showed off their start to the second phase of superhero escapades with an Iron Man 3 trailer. The Lone Ranger was also teased as Disney hopes for lightning to strike twice with Johnny Depp as the eccentric side kick. Furthermore, as J.J. Abrams starts to monopolize the entire sci-fi genre (he is rumored to be working on Half Life, Blade Runner, Matrix, Howard the Duck and Battlefield Earth projects all at the same time) we saw a Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, which looks dark and moody, Dark Night style.

All of the aforementioned films should make for a markedly more explosive summer than the award geared drama of the winter.  Whether that is good or bad is, I guess, a matter of taste – something the Go Daddy commercial was lacking.


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    Should we mourn GCSE poetry?
    Wonderful article! Very insightful and brilliantly communicated. I wasn't aware of this issue before, but this article has really brought it to light for me. Thank you very much!
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