UEA Chancellor outlines how universities can better support student study

UEA Vice-Chancellor Edward Acton has called for universities to adopt a “dual intensity” approach focusing on both research and teaching in order to increase the amount of time students spend on individual study.


Writing for The Times, the Vice Chancellor noted that research this year found that undergraduate study time had increased from a “historic low”, exhibited six to seven years ago, by nearly two hours a week. In 2007 it was found the average study-time for UK students was 26 hours a week, nine hours below the European Union average.

In order to better support student study at UEA he stated that the University had taken steps to create a “top flight” staff-to-student ratio of 13.5:1. The goal was to free up heads of school to increase available research hours, whilst simultaneously increasing “student facing time”.

“At the University of East Anglia, the outright winner of this year’s THE Student Experience Survey…we have made this goal integral to our academic vision. To increase study time we are working in partnership with students and using a


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