Surge in sex robot demand

Digisexuals are on the rise. That is to say: those who prefer emotional and sexual relations with sex robots are becoming more prolific.

A study conducted and produced in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy said those who prefer sexual relationships with virtual reality and robots are increasing.

Experts said this is due to the extreme customisation available to customers, including breast size, skin colour and hair length amongst others.

Robots are being developed to be increasingly lifelike. Some robots available for commercial purchase have up to 30 options for face, and different ‘personality settings’.

The settings and movements of some robots can be controlled via an app, which gives users the chance to change the phrases said by the robot.

Doctor Neil McCarthur, Director of professional and applied ethics at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, where the study was conducted, said: “It is safe to say that the era of virtual sex has arrived and that as these technologies advance their adoption will grow.”

He also suggested that popularity of these robots will rise due to that fact they will do things a human partner could not or will not do. Ela Darling, female adult movie star, also believes in the rise of sex robots.

She said these robots could soon be putting her and her co-stars out of work. This study comes days after a sex robot in the USA with a ‘resistance’ setting has been called to be banned.

According to the company that manufactures the sex doll it “allows men to realise their most private sexual dreams.”

However, these robots also have the technology to look up questions on the Internet, like Siri. Some of them can even do the washing up, raising questions about sexism.

Ms Parker, founder of the British charity “School Consent Project” has called for robots like this to be outlawed . She said: “The sophistication and design behind Roxxxy [the sex doll] marks a step forward for robotics.

For human society, it is an unquestionable regression.”


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