Fast fashion is having a detrimental effect upon the environment. In fact, a recent government audit claimed that 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions were produced by the fashion industry in 2015; more emissions than aviation and shipping combined.

Recently, there’s been a surge amongst millennials in wanting to know that our clothes have been produced in an eco-friendly manner. Designers such as Stella McCartney are leading the way using ‘vegetarian leather’, which can be made of everything from mushrooms to pineapples, and refuses to use Brazilian calf leather.

Brands which students love due to their low-price points, like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, are using materials which are harmful to the environment, such as polyester which is made using harmful chemicals (like carcinogens) and takes up to 200 years to decompose. When these clothes are washed, microfibres are released which end up in our sewer system and the sea.

Furthermore, trends are regularly changing, and young people want to copy what their favourite Love Island influencer has been wearing, meaning that clothes are worn a few times before being thrown away. Here are a couple of student friendly, sustainable brands to consider next time you get the urge to shop.

Goose Studio is an example of a brand which aims to be sustainable without breaking the bank. Their vegan clothing is ethically sourced using 100% organic cotton and their pieces are stylish and timeless, following the idea that we should ‘buy less, buy better.’ It wants consumers to ask themselves if they really need a new t-shirt before buying it.

Know the Origin is a brand of similar ethics too. It carries a slightly higher price tag but will last you a while and never go out of style. KTO also write a great blog on their website which looks at ways you can live more sustainably and tackles these issues. Both these brands are definitely not ones to be missed.

Make sustainable decisions during your autumn wardrobe refresh!