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Sweat The Small Stuff – review

New this month to BBC Three comes a panel show advertised as focusing on ‘life’s little worries’ hosted by Radio One Breakfast DJ, Nick Grimshaw. The show also features Kiss FM’s Rickie and Melvin (clearly radio is the new talent pool for panel shows) and Rochelle Humes of The Saturdays.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Sweat the Small Stuff basically does what it says on the tin; it consists of rounds where the panel have to answer questions entirely based on the obscure, the meaningless, and the small stuff of life. This week’s episode managed to create a round off the back of a tiny article about Snapchat.

In terms of panel shows, Sweat the Small Stuff fits to all the criteria; quirky comedic host, check; copious amounts of banter, check; D-list guests that no one has heard of (but always including a comedian), check. It has it all, but does nothing new with it. Sweat the Small Stuff is simply yet another panel show with comedic intentions; there is nothing innovative or exciting about it and its check list of panel show necessities make it bland and boring.

Unlike Never Mind the Buzzcocks or Have I Got News for You, there is nothing clever about the show and it mostly allows you to softly chuckle rather than roar with laughter. While Nick Grimshaw has his moments and proves a decent host, he is the only saving grace. While BBC Three has high hopes for Sweat the Small stuff, this viewer unfortunately does not.


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