London is one of the most exciting, fun, and culturally diverse places in the world. However, the big name wracks up a big price tag.  Luckily, I’ve collected a few ways to be economically friendly, whilst still having a great time. 

If you want a fun, yet still educational day out in London, museums are the way to go. The Science museum, V&A museum, and Natural History museum, and are easy to get to from any underground station. The museums are all within a 10 minute walk from each other. From animals, to jewels, to experiments, you can gaze in amazement at the plethora of cool stuff the museums have to offer, and for free!  Cost £0. 

If you are a literature fan, Shakespeare’s Globe is a great place for entertainment on a budget. If you book in advance and don’t mind a standing view, you can get tickets for as low as £5. There are always fab events on and it is well worth checking out for a bit of culture.  Cost: £5.

Camden Market is one of my all time favourite places in London. Though the market is centred around buying, everyone loves a bit of window shopping and there are some really cute and quirky places to explore. It is also a great location for a good Instagram photo spree.  Cost: As flexible as you want!

If you want to be a proper tourist, you have to visit Buckingham Palace. No, you can’t go in for free, but you can get some cool pictures and have the chance to be the closest you’ll ever get to royalty. Cost: £0.

There’s not much wriggle room around this one unfortunately. The best bet is to bite the bullet and save up for a travel card. A 3 day off-peak pass costs £39.90. It is steep, but that includes all buses, all train journeys in London, and the ability to go almost anywhere in London all covered under one cost. A 7-day pass however is more reasonable at £64.20, which is an anytime ticket and thus more value for money if you want maximum time to explore. Cost: £39.90

If you want to stay for a few nights, I recommend using ‘Airbnb’. With a little research, there is some great accommodation for as low as £20 per night. For a week it works out to about £162. Cost: £60

Food is one of the biggest expenses in London. Unique cake shop? There goes £5. Freshly squeezed orange juice in a cute glass bottle? £4.50 please. It starts to add up. My biggest tip for London on a budget, is to take advantage of meal prepping. Get some low cost ingredients from your local supermarket, even Tesco will do. Buy a box of cereal, get some sandwich essentials, a multipack of crisps and some fruit. Then for dinner fry up some bacon and pasta, beans on toast, a jar of curry. The food doesn’t have to be otherworldly, London’s excitement makes up for it. I’d prepare lunch and eat in Hyde park, or any of the hundreds of beautiful gardens. Cost: £25 max. If you budget well, this could be even lower.

Total cost for 3 days in London: £129.90
Not too shabby for activities transport, accommodation and food. You can of course go above the cost, but you can also see that it’s easy to take advantage of the many free and amazing opportunities London has to offer. 


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Leia Butler

April 2021
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