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Australian PM apologises to child sex abuse victims

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has made a public apology following a four-year investigation into child sexual abuse in some of the nation’s institutions. The state-led inquest, which was opened by ex-PM Julia Gilliard, confirmed allegations against prominent individuals and large-scale organisations – including the Catholic Church. With evidence from more than 17,000 survivors and…


Anonymous senior official sheds light on President Trump’s ‘amoral’ leadership

Donald Trump, the US President, has faced strong criticism from an anonymous senior member of his own administration, who published an opinion-editorial in the New York Times describing the President as “amoral,” with his decisions being “impulsive, ill-informed and occasionally reckless.”   The anonymous author described how they are part of the “resistance” working to…


Gay men “beaten and tortured” in Chechnya

Allegations that gay men are being beaten and tortured in concentration camp-like facilities in Chechnya have prompted international outrage. Over 100 men have reportedly been detained and three have been killed in the Russian region, according to opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta. An article published on the paper’s website on April 1st states that: “Novaya Gazeta…


Is it the privilege of the rich to abuse their bodies?

Most agree that it is common sense not to systematically wreck our body, our vehicle for experiencing the world. Yet when it comes to drink, drugs and diet we are often far from logical. However surely people have free will and are autonomous enough to make their own lifestyle choices no matter the risk. David…

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