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The disappearing high street

The battle between high-street shops, and shopping online is one that has become more competitive over recent years. I’m sure every one of us has had the crisis where we’ve got a night out but nothing to wear. Do you pop into town to pick up something new, or do you go online and have…


20 items you need in your 20s

Christmas Eve, I turned 20, and am here to encourage you guys with 20 items inspired by my new age, what it has already meant and will mean for me. Age 20 marks the year when things are more solidified in your life. I personally know I want an established look that I can easily…


Norwich Fashion Week: Designer Show – Lights, Camera, Pose!

The Designer Show is annual event that commences in conjunction with Norwich Fashion Week. Sponsored by Norwich City Football Club the show features the very best of Norwich’s own home-grown designers, tailors and stylists. These designers include Coddess and Kingfisher, Blu Studios, April Lunch, Emily King, Ellice Heaton and Gemma Hyde, Cocoon and many more….

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