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Spanish Rapper’s Arrest Sparks Protests

The arrest of Catalonian musician Pablo Hasél has sparked protests over free speech and the country’s penal code. Hasél was arrested on Tuesday by anti-riot police following a 24-hour standoff in a university, sparking protests across Spain. The Rapper has been given a nine-month sentence for glorifying terrorist acts on his social media accounts and…


Pale Waves’ Heather Baron-Gracie talks recording in lockdown, normalising LGBTQ+ relationships in new single ‘She’s My Religion,’ and more

Heather Baron-Gracie is the lead singer of Pale Waves, an indie rock band that rose to stardom after supporting The 1975 on their North American tour in 2017. They then released their debut EP ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID and album My Mind Makes Noises, with their debut album reaching number eight on the…


Extinction Rebellion action continues in Norwich

Climate change protest group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have continued with actions to change climate policy in Norwich following the premature conclusion of their London protests. In the London protests, around 100 members of Norwich XR were in the Parliament square group, including former Norfolk County Councillor Andrew Boswell. Boswell said the idea of the action…


‘Extinction Rebellion is flawed’

Climate change is a national emergency that needs solving. But what’s protesting outside an empty parliament over Easter going to do? Extinction Rebellion (XR) have pretty impressive scientific backing, and rightly so. But is being a public nuisance in the name of climate change really the image we want to put across? More than 1000…


Actor and activism

Actors inspire me in more ways than just through their talent. The most admirable actors, in my eyes, use their stardom to evoke change and contribute to brilliant causes, subsequently raising awareness through their mass following. The financial benefit of having celebrities on board with causes cannot be questioned, but the word of mouth that…

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