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Are GM crops in the UK’s future?

This month, the government launched a consultation into gene editing for livestock and crops in England. This aims to explore the pros and cons of genetic modification (GM) which is strictly regulated in the EU, deciding whether it could be a successful tool in post-Brexit agriculture. Currently, 60% of processed food in the USA contains…


Update on Yemen’s current situation

Yemen is yet again in danger of a severe hunger and food security crisis. Despite 80% of the population already relying on humanitarian aid before the coronavirus outbreak, the United Nations’ Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis predicts a huge increase of acute food insecurity by the end of the year – therefore, potentially…


UEA to host Commonwealth Agriculture Conference

UEA has been announced as the next host of the prestigious biennial Commonwealth Agriculture Conference. The event will take place in Norwich in July 2020, to provide a meeting place for agricultural associations, plus other trade and research bodies. It is expected that UEA will host over 300 international delegates from across developed and developing…


Nitrate chemicals pollute rocks

Eutrophication is a serious threat to water ecosystems; excess nutrients, such as nitrates, cause algal blooms which kill all plants and fish in an area. Changes to agricultural practice have reduced this type of pollution from fertilisers. However, recent surveys have found a large source of nitrates within rocks, threatening to seep into underground water…


EU divided over weed-killer

An EU vote has failed to come to a decision regarding the controversy over the use of glyphosate, the world’s biggest-selling weed-killer. This particular chemical is found in 60 percent of UK bread and 45 percent of Europe’s topsoil. The current glyphosate permit runs out in the EU on December 15th 2017. Only 50 percent…


Time to embrace GM crops?

Last week I came across a documentary on Netflix called GMO OMG; living in a house full of science students it made for an interesting watch. The most infuriating thing about the documentary was that Jeremy Seifert, presenter and film-maker, was so aggressively against genetic modification (GM) that he barely told us any of the…


Setbacks for pest resistant wheat

A controversial field trial of “whiffy” pest resistant wheat has shown that the genetically modified (GM) crop has failed to repel aphids. Aphids such as greenfly damage crops by sucking nutrients from their sap and can also introduce plant viruses. The study which was carried out by Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire is estimated to have cost the…

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