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Biopic vs. documentary

Plenty of recent biopics have triumphed in the box office and undoubtedly, they make a permanent impression. A whole generation grew up with an idea of who Gandhi was purely based on Sir Ben Kingsley’s riveting performance of the Indian freedom fighter in the 1982 biopic. Similarly, it is Daniel Day-Lewis whose image pops up…


Meghan Markle is saving the sinking monarchy

The monarchy is an outdated, irrelevant institution in the fast-moving modern era. At least that’s what some people would have you believe. It’s an argument gaining more traction as we move ever closer to the next generation of royals. People used to hear ‘the monarchy’ and think of the Queen, dressed up to the nines…


The Oscars

A Star is Born – Ryan Norman  ‘Are you happy in this modern world?’ asks Bradley Cooper in Shallow, the lead track from A Star Is Born. Despite this being the film’s fourth iteration, Cooper’s directorial execution gives it the contemporary impact it needed. The film tackles mental illness, transgender representation, modern celebrity culture and…


Biopics – Pointless genre or pointless argument?

Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic that went through multiple directors, lead actors, and took the best part of a decade to make, finally got its release this year and people were… well, people about the whole thing. Some people adored it, saying it was a wonderful reminder of Queen’s music and many have praised…


Pride: A movie of revolution

Pride, a 2014 adaptation of the true story of UK gay activists supporting the miners’ strike in 1984, follows LGSM – lesbians and gays support the miners – as they raise money for the strike, yet struggle to find a union to accept the money due to rampant homophobia. The film manages to explore two…


Aids awareness week at UEA

UEA celebrated Aids awareness week, with events running aiming to “increase transparancy and visibility” for those affected. One of the organisers of Aids Awareness week, Kieran Burden, became concerned about Aids visibility after growing up watching his mother work as an HIV care worker for ‘Fight Back’. He said, “I grew up helping my mum,…

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