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The Vaccines: Combat Sports

The Vaccines have based their eight-year career on the dubious idea that you can never get sick of a good song – the vast majority of their songs are poppy three-chord three-minute rushes, and their debut album consisted of twelve almost identical songs. Yet the band’s primary audience, teens who can’t wait to be old…


Review: Harry Styles ★★★★

Ever since listening to One Direction for the first time, I have been wishing for Harry Styles to go solo. Their talents as individuals prove that they’re each suited to a specific style, Styles, in his self-titled debut album, seemingly smashing a proficiency in rock ballads. ‘Meet Me in the Hallway’ is an interesting starter…


Gorillaz – Humanz ★★★

With fifth outing Humanz, Gorillaz invite us to celebrate the coming apocalypse with a kaleidoscopic house party. Vince Staples jumpstarts the evening with racing opener ‘Ascension’, but this initial high is threatened by the misplaced ‘Strobelite’ and lackluster ‘Momentz’, the latter failing to match De La Soul’s previous two outings with Gorillaz. The dizzying contrast…


Theme Park – Is This How It Starts? ★

Hailed by the indie ‘blogosphere’ as this decade’s answer to the Talking Heads in 2011, London three-piece Theme Park showed early promise before lacklustre reviews of their 2013 debut brought the band crashing down to earth. It’s taken four years for a follow-up to arrive, but on follow-up Is This How It Starts? Theme Park…


Paul Weller – Jawbone Soundtrack ★★

Paul Weller’s soundtrack to new boxing film ‘Jawbone’, his first full score after previous dabbles in writing for the screen, has its heart in the right place, but ultimately fails to provide anything of merit aside from lead track ‘The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe’. The idea of producing a series of soundscapes for the film…

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