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The City of Angels (and devils)

I went to LA just after my 18th birthday and my friends and I picked out a beautiful restaurant/ bar to go to on our first night. It was quite a prestigious place, one of Lisa Vanderpump’s lounges, so the bar was set high.  We got there and it was absolutely stunning. The Instagram opportunities…


Starting university at 17

Let’s just cut to the chase, I started at UEA when I was 17 years old. Telling people this usually inspires a shocked or confused response, to then be followed by an onslaught of questions that I have heard hundreds of times before by this point. ‘Why did you do that? What was it like?…


Does Freshers Week rely too heavily on drinking?

A poll has exposed that over half of Concrete readers believe Freshers Week relies too heavily on drinking. In the  poll conducted by Concrete, 58% of respondents said they thought Freshers Week is too centred on alcohol.  Yet 42% disagreed, indicating they believe Freshers Week is not too focused on drinking. This comes after the…


Teenage mental health in decline

Adolescence is the prime time for mental health disorders to emerge, with half of all mental problems beginning in early teenage years. Researchers from Liverpool and London have uncovered a decrease in the mental wellbeing of UK teenagers; a finding that is mirrored in teenagers across the globe. Data was collected from two large groups…

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