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Edinburgh University students’ union bans strawpedo-ing

Students at Edinburgh University’s Student Association (EUSA) have been told that they will no longer be able to strawpedo drinks, after the practice was banned at one of its biggest club nights. To strawpedo is defined by Urban Dictionary as “downing a bottle of beverage, using a bendy straw to allow the liquid to be…

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Creative Writing: Birthday

legs break beneath a body heavier than it was before my head is dead in this universe alight skin numb and thudding beneath the plastic sheet of sound and through the vacuum of the downward spiral of my neck I bury my poison ivy in places my A levels told me about bile and electricals…

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Creative Writing: The Mixtape

Not In Love. She Said. Something Good. A Long Time Ago. I Saw Her Standing There. Beautiful. Untouched. Like Porcelain. Awkward. She Smiled Sweetly. Teenage Dream. Call Me Maybe. Alone With You. Drunk. Temptation. One Touch. Absolute Beginners. Start Me Up. Hooked On A Feeling. Too Much. Too Much. Too Much. Blame It On Me….

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Creative Writing: Drunken Liturgy

The process of drinking is like liturgy. The absinthe: 90% alcohol, the rest, a whisper within the liquid, ‘get drunk’. Whenever the church overflows with folks recently churned out of the city-belly, you sit by the candlelit bar drinking dirty booze. You confess your sins to the bartender and the rumbling drunk. The alcohol courses…


Society needs to stop ignoring alcoholism, and rethink our attitude towards it in relation to other narcotics

The past few months have seen numerous drug related incidents, including the unexpected deaths of three men from Ipswich related to the superman pills/PMA, an MDMA (ecstasy) analog. Tabloid newspaper articles erupted with an unnerving disparity to the scale of disaster, incorrectly labelling the culprit as MDMA – a recurring trend with an age old…

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Creative Writing: Les Jeunes Gens

What started off with Pinot Grigio and rinsed me out like mouthwash became the earthiness stuck behind my teeth of chewing brown growths which she called “silly billies” and then I smiled too wide like the Cheshire cat because everything was pulsating and opening up wide in colour so we reminded ourselves of symmetry and…

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Creative Writing: Landscape

The amber drops of my mother’s Downfall now swollen into Puddles on the linoleum of the Kitchen floor with icebergs of Glass glinting among them. The driveway has stopped Its cry of gravel and the Creeping green of weeds threatens To take over. A hair brush lies on its back Tufts of blonde hair like…

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