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Alcohol-free student halls: the pros and cons

The idea of having alcohol free flats is unknown to most students moving into halls. But drink or no drink, your time at university is likely to involve alcohol one way or another, whether that’s you drinking or watching others do so. A university in the UK has recently introduced the idea of having alcohol…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Michael Caine

Michael Caine’s turtle neck of lust presses itself tentatively against the damp screen rock and roll I cock back the gun getting fucked has never been so fun poignant as a dog-eared page e e cummings, no doubt, and my hands move small the dimensions playing musical chairs my body fumbles 4 walls, why would…


Is it the privilege of the rich to abuse their bodies?

Most agree that it is common sense not to systematically wreck our body, our vehicle for experiencing the world. Yet when it comes to drink, drugs and diet we are often far from logical. However surely people have free will and are autonomous enough to make their own lifestyle choices no matter the risk. David…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: The Vicious Cocktail

“Are you gonna finish that slice of peach crumble?” Bradbury looked up, bleary-eyed. “What was that?” “You heard damn well what I said. Are you or aren’t you going to eat your crumble? You paid one-ninety for it. And it’s just sitting there. Look at all that sugar. All those peaches. You know what I…


No drinking allowed: alternative ways to spend an evening

1. Pay Norwich food cycle a visit for a delicious FREE three course meal- 19:00 most Fridays (check the Facebook group weekly for any changes) at Quaker House on Upper Goat Lane, all are welcome to a vegetarian extravaganza! The team are dedicated to tackling food waste which means we get fed for free hurray!…


Getting spiked

So we have all seen The Hangover, laughing at the guys’ cluelessness as to their antics the night before, but how funny is it when this confusion becomes your reality? Last week I found myself waking up in my friend’s bed with a brutally sore chest, sandpaper mouth and the one kind of bracelet I…


Drugs, Science & Safety

This article was originally published in the Concrete Drugs & Alcohol Survey 2015, you can view the survey here: Introduction Drugs are funny little things, they can make you feel like you’re the king of the world, throw you into a nightmare of hallucinations and paranoia, or even make you enjoy Westlife. They’re chemicals which…

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