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Nightflyers – outdated and laughably clichéd

The new Netflix series, Nightflyers, an adaption of George R.R. Martin’s novella by the same name, is not worth its cost in time. If the series offered some of the elements that we know Martin to be good at, such as world and character building, the story would have a certain credibility, however it is…


The Man Who Fell to Earth… rather intentionally

The Man Who Fell to Earth poses one of the most terrifying thoughts: despite being one of the most advanced species, having fixed things from cancer to clean power, you can’t stop your planet from dying. It’s up there with immortality, which in some sense is the same thing. The Man Who Fell to Earth…


Venom: 2018’s Best Comedy?

I’ll say this. It had an effective trailer.   In this situation, ‘effective’, does not mean ‘good’ – the sight of an ten-foot slimeboy terrorising a generic criminal by likening him to a ‘turd in the wind’ recalls the cringe-inducing script of a 1990’s kids cartoon – but it does seem to sum up perfectly…


Real life Waters of Mars?

It may sound like an episode of Doctor Who, but scientists believe that they may have found an underground lake on Mars.   Blurry radar scans of the planet reveal what is believed to be a frozen, salty reservoir some 12- miles across and lying around one mile beneath the surface of the planet’s South…

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To infinity and beyond: space on screen

One small step for man, no giant leap of imagination for directors. From as early as 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey directors have been obsessed with the concept of space and mankind travelling to the vast unknown, usually with disastrous consequences for those involved. Flirting with the possibility of man reaching stars light years away…

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Mother’s Day Special: Classic Movie Mums

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS! 1. Norma Bates-Psycho (1960) Oh you’ve all seen it right? Not exactly cuddly Mother’s Day material but rather a chilly indictment of motherly smothering, Alfred Hitchcock’s signature film examines with chilly precision the Oedipal relationship between mothers and sons and the psychological dependence that is the flipside, as Norman Bates (played by…


Review: Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation starts off like any typical modern survival horror game. In fact, it begins very similar to Dead Space. The game follows Amanda Ripley, an engineer and daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley. She is seeking answers for what happened to her mother, who has been missing for fifteen years following the events of…

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