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Bar(su) removes Coca Cola from taps

Numerous students have voiced concerns over the SU bar removing Coca-Cola as a draught mixer. A representative for the bar has responded to numerous complaints on the student-run ‘Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions’ page, stating that the beverage will still be sold in bottled form. The majority of the complaints were from individuals that experience…

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Campus food ‘endangering students’ with allergies

Students have described terrifying experiences of buying foods containing their allergens from campus outlets because ingredients information was not more readily available. Thomas Howard, a second year History student, spoke of his experiences with buying food on campus. Thomas is allergic to mayonnaise and so asked one outlet if a sandwich contained any. Despite being…

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Probiotics may be the key to curing peanut allergies

Researchers in Melbourne, Australia, have conducted ground-breaking research which may result in a cure for peanut allergies. The research from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute will be welcomed by the approximately 500,000 UK peanut allergy sufferers for its potentially life-changing effects. Sufferers of the allergy have to be constantly aware of what they are eating…


How to travel with a food allergy

For many a trip to Paris without tasting the croissants seems bizarre but all is the reality for the allergen-aware traveller. Travel and food have grown so synonymous with each other that it is difficult to have one without the other. From the floating food markets of Thailand to the café culture of Paris, food…

May 2022
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