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Brexit Box

As we enter the month of Brexit, Concrete is here to provide you with the latest updates from Parliament as 29 March rapidly approaches. Prime Minister Theresa May has offered what some see as a dramatic policy change on her Brexit strategy. She will present MPs with a series of votes on the 12, 13…


Windrush fiasco causes Commonwealth tension

Controversy over the Home Office’s treatment of the “Windrush Generation” has continued, overshadowing the meeting of Commonwealth leaders in London this week. The controversy arose when members of the so-called “Windrush Generation” (named after one of the first boats that brought many migrants to the UK) were denied jobs, access to the NHS and were…


Amber Rudd’s immigration proposals condemned by Higher Education sector

Universities and unions have condemned Amber Rudd’s proposals for increased restrictions on international students at UK universities. The Home Secretary announced her plans in a speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham last week. The proposals include the introduction of ‘two-tier’ visa rules, which would link immigration regulations to the quality of the institution…