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Response: Trump: not a portrayal, but a reflection

The comment piece ‘Trump: wrongly portrayed?’ published in the last issue of Concrete struck me as missing the mark. To claim it’s the media’s responsibility to stop ‘playing Mr Trump’s game and fuelling this social divide’ not only ignores the media’s responsibility to keep citizens informed of the latest comments and actions of the leader…


A Visitor

My American friend drove me to the airport last week. My boyfriend came to visit. I’m not sure how I became one of those people who was loved enough to have someone travel over four and a half thousand miles when they didn’t have to, but it feels good to be one. For a week…


Trump: wrongly portrayed?

After the Pittsburgh shooting at the end of October in which 11 people lost their lives, 70,000 people signed a letter demanding that Donald Trump should “fully denounce” white nationalism. This led me to ask the question: does Donald Trump’s infamously controversial language encourage hate crimes? I asked students on campus of their view on…


Red Dead Redemption 2

Already being hailed as the ‘game of a generation’, Rockstar’s obsessive fascination with the American dream is realised in unparalleled quality with their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2. As an avid fan of both the game’s predecessor and the Rockstar franchises in general, I’d been eagerly awaiting the announcement of this game for almost…


Coming to America

The queue for customs in Chicago takes two hours and my connecting flight has already left. I am crying. I leave my phone at the desk when checking my bags in for the next flight and don’t realise until I’m leaving the terminal. I cry more. A wonderful steward finds it for me and gives…


Dealing with the “red tape”

If you look to the university world rankings, the UK dominates 40 percent of the top ten. It is therefore no surprise that we are the second biggest home of international students (beaten only by the USA) and that, for some, the news of competition brings concern. Whether jealousy, genuine economic worry, or good old…


American highs

The American drama Mad Men premiered the first of its final seven episodes in the UK last Thursday on Sky Atlantic, bringing Don Draper’s ad agency into the 1970s. After six and a half seasons over eight years, the show has become increasingly popular here in Britain and will surely go down as a classic….

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