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Some of The Best Video Games of 2021

Whilst 2021 looked promising in terms of video games, it seems several of the biggest titles we were anticipating have fallen flat and failed to live up to their expectations (Sorry, Battlefield 2042). However, I’ve compiled a list of a few of the best games released this year, in terms of their ratings and feedback….


What makes a successful make-up collaboration?

Make-up collaborations can be hit or miss. Whilst they can certainly be appealing when they involve two things you love coming together, are they always really worth the price tag?  Let us take, for example, a look at the recent collaboration between Colourpop and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. The collaborative element involves having the characters in…


Lockdown games

With lockdown came days that felt like forever. Days stretched into weeks, and weeks into months. But there was one shining light which got me, and so many others, through those early lockdown days: Animal Crossing. For so many of us, it was the gift we didn’t know we needed. It gave us the chance…

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Where are all the mothers?

During lockdown I, like many, have abandoned all summatives and turned my focus to pure procrastination, treating myself in the Spring Sales far too much and replaying some beloved golden oldies. It was starting ‘God of War (2018)’ from the beginning for the umpteenth time that made me realise the lack of motherhood (for better…

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Keep Calm and Game

While gaming has increasingly been associated with the competitive eSports scene, there are still many people who play games primarily for fun and to relax. But what makes a game relaxing? Does it come down to a lack of direction or ‘hand-holding’ so the player has free reign to do as they please? Or is…


Game Opinions: why Animal Crossing is completely necessary

Since 2016, when the Trump administration took over, there has been a growing trend in the media produced and presented to us on our phones and TVs, on Netflix, and in the games we play. Is this simply a coincidence or a product of this harrowing political landscape? Either way, it has a name… Nicecore….

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