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Veganism would have stopped coronavirus

During this pandemic, people are feeling powerless to help. We are told of huge strains that have impacted our NHS, community wellbeing is suffering, local businesses are falling, and it seems like there is very little that we as individuals can do to diminish these issues. You may rise up and fight back by clapping…


Animals that get high

Animals deliberately intoxicating themselves may sound more like the plot of an episode of Family Guy than real life, but it occurs more commonly than you might expect. Animals that get high range from coyotes to reindeers to wallabies. Even domesticated dogs and cats have been known to consume potent toxins, such as mushrooms and…


Good for animals or an abzoolute disgrace?

‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ is somewhat of a staple in my university household, and I’m sure the same goes for any student residence where the minority who want to fork out for a TV license have succeeded in their goal.  What isn’t there to love? The last episode that I saw featured tiny…


Eating insects to save the planet?

For most, the thought of eating grubs and crickets for dinner is the stuff of nightmares which should remain on I’m a Celebrity. However, there is evidence to suggest that eating insects, far from being a nightmare, could be the key to preventing rising sea levels and increasingly intense heatwaves. Global warming is such a…

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