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You Choose – Bandersnatch Review

Is this 80s period piece a step into the future for Netflix? Charlie Brooker’s latest feature-length episode from the anthology series Black Mirror places power and sanity in the hands of the viewer. Within the first couple of minutes you’re asked to make decisions on what you have for breakfast and the music you listen…


Book review: 2018 UEA Postgraduate Anthologies

Poetry This years’ anthologies have recently been released and they are as brilliant as we have come to expect due to those from years before. Egg Box Publishing has once again successfully rebranded the books, using different colours and patterns to distinguish between the different volumes. The poetry volume is slender, but full of wisdom…


Rise of the anthology

An anthology series, which tells a different story in each episode or season, is certainly not a new concept to television. Even in the 1950s this form proved popular: The Twilight Zone is perhaps the most famous and influential example, and its popularity has seen it undergo multiple revival attempts, for better or for worse….