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Recently Played: NBA 2K Mobile

After deciding not to touch my laptop for about a week when going to visit a friend in Sheffield, I was left with my mobile phone being the closest thing I had to a gaming console. Upon logging into the App Store, I discovered a recently updated version of NBA 2K Mobile which I immediately…


How to OpenUp

A new app is available to students and staff at UEA from 17 September 2018 and its developers are encouraging people to utilise their app to help manage and maintain their wellbeing. In anticipation of the app’s arrival, Concrete went to find out what it’s all about. To start the app can be easily downloaded…


Student Union releases app

The Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) have released a new app which aims to be a handy guide to UEA student life. The app, which was released in time for Welcome Week, lists recent articles from the student union’s website and upcoming events, as well as information on clubs and societies. The app also gives…