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Scientist from UEA develops climate change app

Craig Wallace, a senior research associate at UEA, has released EarthSystemData, one of the world’s first apps to enable users to explore current and future climate change information. “I want members of the public to have access to the same climate information that governments and businesses are using to plan for the future,” said Wallace….


How to OpenUp

A new app is available to students and staff at UEA from 17 September 2018 and its developers are encouraging people to utilise their app to help manage and maintain their wellbeing. In anticipation of the app’s arrival, Concrete went to find out what it’s all about. To start the app can be easily downloaded…


Out of the blue?

Do you stay up late on social media with the niggling fear of missing out on the latest updates before you hit power-off?   Although it might be tempting to say no, if the answer is, in fact, yes, research into the effects of blue light on circadian rhythms might be of interest to you, or more importantly, your health…   Whilst in the science world, it has been…

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