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5 Beauty Spots in Norfolk

Norwich Cathedral Norwich Cathedral – its construction beginning in 1096 – has the second tallest cathedral spire in the whole of England. With a rich history, the cathedral is not only a tourist hotspot, but is absolutely stunning on the inside and outside. Situated in the city centre, Norwich Cathedral is easy to locate and…



‘Superstructures: The New Architecture 1960-90’ promises to “shine a light” on the architectural developments seen at the cusp of the twentieth century, and link these designs to their Victorian predecessors. Utilitarianism is at the crux of the works on display; blueprints and paintings of factories and offices feature heavily. Other mediums, such as models and…


Gordon Matta-Clark and Radical Architecture

The construction, adaption and demolition of lived spaces is an essential and familiar part of any urban environment. The mundane backdrop, functionality and form of everyday city life became the canvas for American artist Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978). Working in the ‘70s, a period which heralded the emergence of modernist architecture, he was inspired to challenge…